Is Garlic Toxic to our Pets?

Is Garlic Toxic to our Pets?

Is Garlic Toxic to our Pets?

One unfortunate side-effect of the internet is in perpetuating rumors like this one regarding garlic being toxic to our pets.


The truth is, this assessment was made after a Japanese study 21 years ago using a group of dogs over a 7 day period in which the scientist gave the dogs 245 cloves of garlic and then studied them.  


The amazing thing is after all of that garlic not a single dog died, not a single dog showed any symptoms of illness at all; however the scientists studied the dogs blood microscopically during the testing and found microscopic changes in their red blood cells, therefor they determined that garlic was toxic!  WHAT???



The bottom line here is, if you only give your dog or cat an appropriate therapeutic dose of garlic, like the small amount in our pet multi-vitamins, the garlic powder in our pet immune-boost formulas, or the garlic included in the heart-supporting remedy for pets with heart disease; your pet will not only not have any negative side-effects, they will actually receive the multiple benefits garlic provides which are the following:


Garlic is a wonderful

  • antiviral
  • antibacterial
  • cardiovascular health support
  • reduce inflammation
  • reduce blood clots
  • provide healthy antioxidants


So go ahead, do not be afraid to utilize this amazing supplement to improve your pet's health today!  

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