Proof a Raw Diet is BEST for our Pets!

Proof a Raw Food Diet for your Pet’s is Best


If you’ve been wondering if a raw food diet is healthful for your cats and dogs, I want you to look up this study. Look up Dr. Pottenger, he took a group of 900 cats and spilt the cats into two separate groups; fed one group a fresh raw diet, and the other group a cooked diet.


The results


After just 3 generations the cats on the raw food diet were thriving, reproducing easily, and producing all healthy kittens.  However, by the third generation, the cats fed the cooked diet were suffering health issues, not reproducing easily, giving birth to unhealth ki8ttens, and experiencing multiple organ system failures.




New research on the benefits of fresh pet food and raw food diets are coming out all the time, please continue to do your research to see that a balanced raw diet is absolutely the best diet we can be feeding our pets to give them their best long healthy lives!



April Arguin, C.P.N., M.P.H.