Why a Raw Diet Beats Cooked for Pets!

Why a Raw Diet Beats Cooked for Pets!

Why a Raw Diet Beats Cooked for Pets!

Why RAW Beats Cooked for Pets

You may think that cooking foods before giving them to your pet would be the safest and easiest for them to eat. However, there are many reasons that this isn’t the case. Let’s break them down.


Cooking Food Denatures it

When we cook food, we are breaking down the natural amino acids and proteins that are in the food. Because of this process, the food is less bioavailable for our pets, meaning they’re unable to absorb as many of those great nutrients into their systems. If they can’t absorb all the nutrients, then they are getting less energy and health benefits from their food than they should.


Cooked is Hard on Their Systems

Cooked meats are a lot harder on your pet’s digestive tracks than their raw counterparts. Cooked meats also spend longer in the digestive track which leads them to be required to use more of their energy in order to digest their food. For these reasons, raw foods are the healthiest and easiest way for your pets to meet their nutritional needs.



April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H.

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