Shocking History of Commercial Pet Food!

Shocking History of Commercial Pet Food!

Shocking History of Commercial Pet Food!

SHOCKING History of Commercial Pet Food! 

Have you ever wondered how we got to feeding our pets dry food out of a bag? Well, let's look at the history of pet food production and find out. 

Food History Lesson

The first pet food ever developed was a dog biscuit that hit the market in the 1860s. Then, around the 1930s, canned pet food started being sold for both dogs and cats. These canned foods used primarily horse meat. 

When WWII happened, the pet food market changed. Rations were in short supply and consumers were incredibly unhappy about the large number of horses that were being slaughtered each year for the sake of pet food. Clearly, the market was changing. 

Enter Dry Kibble

The pet food companies decided to begin selling dry pet food in a bag. This helped lessen the use of tin cans that could be used elsewhere and allowed for a more shelf-stable option that could be mass-produced in a bag. Plus, these foods used more commercial farm animals, which didn't upset consumers near as much. 

Clearly, this doesn't sound like the most appetizing option for our pets. Pets survived for centuries with only fresh food, so they don't need processed food now! Check out my list of fresh food recommendations to get started on making the switch to a fresh diet for your pets! 


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H.

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