Vets Are the Only Ones Recommending This for Your Pet!!

Vets Are the ONLY ONES Recommending THIS for Your Pet!!

Have you ever noticed that vets are the only health professionals in the world who recommend a fully processed diet as the best diet? Think about it! No other health professionals recommend eating nothing but food out of a bag or can for your whole life. Doctors, specialists, naturopaths, and nutritionists all recommend fresh diets!

Why Do Vets Do This?

Unfortunately, vets recommend processed diets because that's what they're trained to do in school. But their schools are funded by the big pet food companies who have billions of dollars to fund training programs. 

Big pet food companies thrive on sales of processed foods, so it makes sense they would push for that to be the diet recommended by vets. 

Use Common Sense

Use your personal judgment and common sense to realize the motives behind diet recommendations from vets. It makes sense that a fresh food diet is actually the best for our pets because it's what's best for us. 

We all want our pets happy and healthy and their diet plays a huge role in that! So, listen to your gut when choosing the right diet for your fur kids! 


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April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H.