Last week I gave you the "Top Cat Freeze-Dried Foods Brands." This week, I continue bringing you my pet-food lists and it is "Top Freeze-Dried Dog Food Brands."  As a certified pet nutritionist, I know that the best diet you can give your pets is a balanced fresh raw diet, however I also know that is not always possible for everyone's lifestyle, budget, etc. etc.  

A quality freeze-dried dog food can be a nice option because it is super easy and convenient, but also outweighs the health of alternatives like canned or dry kibble.  Although a fresh commercial made raw, or even better home-made raw or cooked diet will be a lot more economical, many freeze-dried food options are still a fairly affordable option for most pet-parents. 

The health benefits to your dog of a freeze dried raw diet include; the food is minimally processed (only thing better is fresh cooked/or raw), convenient (open bag, add warm water, serve), also the freeze-drying processing makes the final product at a marginally lower risk of any bacterial contaminants so may be a good option for pet-parents who have small children, are pregnant, or who have pets who are currently acutely ill or very elderly who would be at risk of food-borne infections. 

1. Dr. Harvey's Oracle freeze-dried dog: $0.79/oz. 
2. Bravo freeze-dried dog: $1.02/oz.
3. Sojos freeze-dried dog: $1.31/oz.
4. Wysong freeze-dried dog: $1.37/oz. 
5. Buckley freeze-dried dog: $1.42/oz.
6. Stewart freeze-dried dog: $1.58/oz.
7. Whole Life freeze-dried dog: $1.60/oz.
8. Tender & True freeze-dried dog: $1.72/oz.
9. Meat Mates freeze-dried dog: $1.78/oz.
10. Vital Essentials freeze-dried dog: $1.79/oz.
11. Bixbi freeze-dried dog: $1.85/oz.
12. Tylee's freeze-dried dog: $1.87/oz.
13. Only Natural Pet freeze-dried dog: $1.90/oz.
14. Visionary Pet Foods freeze-dried dog: $1.93/oz.
15. Stella & Chewy's freeze-dried dog: $2.06/oz.
16. Primal freeze-dried dog: $1.93/oz.
17. K9 Natural freeze-dried dog: $2.23/oz.
18. Purpose freeze-dried dog: $2.23/oz.
19. Nulo freeze-dried dog: $2.34/oz.



Sincerely, your PetCoach

April Arguin  A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.

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