Want help to keep your cat calm during bath-time?

Want help to keep your cat calm during bath-time?

Want help to keep your cat calm during bath-time?

Why our Shampoo is working to CALM many cats during bath time...

I wanted to share this recent testimonial with you because it is something that we are having reported by multiple, multiple people who are using the NudieNaturals products; these cat parents are reporting that their cats are actually enjoying bath time for the first time EVER!  While we can't say for certainty why some cats are doing much better during bath time with our products than others, here is what we suspect: 

1. Our pet grooming products are made with all natural ingredients, without added fluff to make it "smell" good to us, or any added fake colors made up of harmful chemical dyes to make it look a certain way we deem appealing to us humans.  All pets, but especially cats, are extremely scent sensitive, and are also very chemical sensitive, (hence many over-the-counter products are deadly to cats).  We think that perhaps these cats can really actually sense the difference in the products to their noses and to their bodies.

2. The products are high in oil content/ low in soap content, which makes it very mild feeling to the skin, and again, more easy on the nose as soap is actually a harsh by-product of a chemical reaction (saponification), (hence why soap burns our eyes).

3. The exfoliating gloves we send with the products are very calming to the cats, they love the feel on their skin, it gives them a gentle exfoliating massage. 

4. They know it was made with LOVE by fellow pet lovers! Okay... this last one is probably not true... but then again, if you are a believer in these sort of energy connections in life, things made from love and good energy I believe pass that on in life, look at the practice some farmers participate in with playing music to their plants, or singing to them.  Perhaps they can sense the difference of a product not merely being pumped out in large quantities in some chemically sterilized factory somewhere, stuck in a bottle and done.  If you ask me, I would take a handmade grooming product over this every time. 


Give your pets the BEST of the natural life!

Your Holistic Pet Coach,

April Arguin



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