Get rid of your pet's unsightly ToeNail Gunk!

Get rid of your pet's unsightly ToeNail Gunk!

Get rid of your pet's unsightly ToeNail Gunk!

Pet ToeNail Gunk!  What it is. Why is is a health risk. What to do about it!

Not only is all that "Nail Gunk" unsightly on your baby, but if not thoroughly cleaned regularly YOU and your PET can be at risk of infection.

The “Gunk” is a culmination of build-up from your pet’s natural skin oils and diet, dust, cat litter, anything they walk on/ in throughout the day. As you can imagine, this leads to loads of microbes (bacteria, fungus) mixed into this lovely nail gunk. 


When not regularly cleaned, these microbes can infect your pet's nail beds, or even into the nails themselves via small cracks.  In addition, anytime we are scratched by our animals, anything that is on their nails then enters into our bodies.  This can be of particular concern for those who are young, elderly or immuno-compromised from conditions or medications.  

Many people used to, and still do use coconut oil to clean the nails of their pets; and while this certainly effective, it doesn't compare to the effectiveness of the NudieNaturals nail cleaner, because our cleaner has been formulated to not only make for easy removal of the build-up, but is also packed full of herbal ingredients (I am not allowed to say "herbal antimicrobials" big pharma sheesh rant later..) any-hoo, these herbal ingredients help to actual reduce the microbe load all around your pet's nails and nail beds making for a healthier, safer, environment for all.

"Give your Pets the Best of the Natural Life!"


 Your Pet Health Coach,

April Arguin

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