What Litter Box is BEST for your CAT?

What Litter Box is BEST for your CAT?

What Litter Box is BEST for your CAT?

Hi again to all my amazing pet parents!

I am very excited to share this new cat tip with you today. It answers one of my most asked questions - "What is the best type of litter box to use for my cat?"
This is such an important topic because inappropriate litter box usage is the number 1 reason why cats are re-homed, dropped at shelters, abandoned, neglected, and yes even abused!

My answer lies in the basis of everything that I practice and teach throughout my platform, which is what makes most sense for our pets from a biological, species-appropriate stand-point.  We need to look at not what type of litter box is easiest for us, or less messy, or with what cool features; but what litter box is as close to how a cat would go to the bathroom in their natural wild environment.  Therefore, the best litter box meets these specifications: 
  • Must Not Be Plastic - plastic boxes are porous and odors and bacteria can seep into the plastic making them extremely smelly and unhygienic.
  • Extra Large Box - at least 18"X14" inches in length min - the more room for them to turn and dig the better. 
  • Short Entrance - No higher than 8" is best - an opening too high can be challenging for short cats, young cats, senior cats, cats with any degenerative joint disease, cats who are declawed, or simply some cats just don't want the effort of climbing up a mountain every time they need to "go". 
  • Open, Non-Covered Box - most cats are actually afraid to do their business while closed-in a box because they feel highly vulnerable.
  •  A Box which is NOT electronic - while electric boxes are convenient for us, they are frequently the cause of litter box misuse because the sound and motion of the boxes can be scary for some cats and then they avoid using the litter box. 

I really hope this helps many of you and you choose to at least offer your cat ONE of these "Cat-Perfect" litter boxes in your home, because it breaks my heart everyday when people come to me for help because their cat is urinating all over their house, or asking for help to re-home their cat because they have failed to get the behavior under control, and more times than not it is because the cat simply has the wrong type of litter box to use.
Here is a GREAT example of a perfect litter box for your cat!  You can purchase it HERE on Amazon.com.

Keep giving your pets the best of natural life!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H

For personalized one-on-one coaching for any health or behavior issues your pet is experiencing, schedule a consult now @bit.ly/PetCoachApril

Sincerely your PetCoach,

April Arguin  A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.


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