Why did I begin CatHealthCoach_April Pet Health & Behavior Consults?

Why did I begin CatHealthCoach_April Pet Health & Behavior Consults?

Why did I begin CatHealthCoach_April Pet Health & Behavior Consults?

Through my 14 years working with the hairless cat breeds I have logged a LOT of time on social media!  I believe, as anything in life, social media can be an amazing thing; I have loved and valued so many for the online connections I have made, and have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the special hairless pet community.  However, social media can have its downfalls, especially in the form of "keyboard commando" bullies, which I have a few out there.  They have been raising some negative buzz lately and questioning my current practice of offering pet health coaching consults for people struggling with chronic issues with their pets, so I thought I would take a minute to address this to all of you.  

Firstly, I answer anywhere from 10-20 messages DAILY for FREE as I have over 15k social media following; the messages literally never stop for me 24/7, 7 days a week.   When someone messages me, I always take the time to answer, even if that means at 10 pm, as was the only time I had a chance while I am in bed trying to sleep (not recommended conducive to sleep hygiene :), however, if someone has an issue that I can lend quick help to, I do.  However, I find that most often there is not a quick answer or solution.

Last year I found myself continually completely over-whelmed, burnt-out, and exhausted by the continual flow of people wanting/needing help for these hairless pets who often have VERY complex issues, there was not a quick here’s some advice, Ta-Da all better. 

The pets and owners I work with have often seen multiple vets, tried multiple treatments which have failed, and often been struggling for a good number of years. I work individually with these people sometimes over a course of several months to regain health to their cats by changing diet, addressing allergies/sensitivities, adding dietary supplements or herbal medications when needed.  

I created CatHealthCoach_April because I saw a need and wanted to help. I needed a way to allow myself to direct more one on one time to help guide these owners to help their pets, and there is a MASSIVE need for better knowledge and help in achieving health through holistic medicines in our pet community as the majority of our veterinarians are just simply not taught these things during their schooling.  

Therefore, if you can get your problems with your pet solved with your vet, great, if I can help you in a quick message, great, if you get advice from another experienced pet owner or breeder great... but if not, and you are left with no answers and your baby is suffering I am offering my services to help!  


"Give your Pets the BEST of the Natural Life!"


Your Holistic Pet Coach,

April Arguin

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