Best Cat Litter for your Cats!

Best Cat Litter for your Cats!

Best Cat Litter for your Cats!

These are the only two cat litter brands I ever recommend for the health of both you and your cats!  

Hello again to all of my amazing pet-parents!   I hope the week is wrapping up well for you and all of your beautiful babies :)  Can you believe we are already into Part III - in our "All About Cat Litter Boxes" series; we are rolling right through this topic, but still so much to cover.  Today I answer the nearly-world-famous question... “what cat litter should I use?”

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As a pet nutritionist & herbalist, I very frequently work with pets who are struggling with allergies and causing a host of symptoms from mild irritation all the way to severe respiratory distress caused by asthma symptoms.  In cats, one of the more common causes of these allergies unfortunately is GREATLY under-recognized from our veterinary community; the cat litter they are using!  

Obviously, not every cat experiences cat-litter related allergies, however, all of the reasons why other types of litter can cause allergies still applies in every case, and some of these risks like dust-inhalation, chemical inhalation, and even aflotoxins which have been found in organic litters can cause slow-progressing long term health problems in not only your cat... but also YOU who is scooping, pouring, and handling that litter!  Therefore,  I only ever recommend the use of hypo-allergenic cat litters to give everyone in your home the best chance to stay healthy as possible.  Though not entirely inclusive, the two main litters I recommend based on best price and availability are:

1. Is Dr. Elsey’s Respiratory Relief formula clay, dust-free litter.
2.  Pretty Litter all natural mineral litter in either the new clumping or non-clumping formulas.  

In my experience, these are but a handful of cat litters which are truly hypoallergenic, so many other litters contain harmful “odor-control chemicals”, have high dust, can grow dangerous aflotoxins, or are made from very common allergens like soy, wheat, corn, nuts, and wood which all can cause allergies and respiratory disease.

If you are currently using another litter, I urge you to take a few minutes and investigate the ingredient list, and consider if you or your cat are showing any signs of allergies, and seriously consider a litter up-grade.  Click HERE to reviece $5 off your first bag of Pretty Litter; and click HERE:  for a chance to receive a $20 rebate from your 1st purchase of Dr. Elsey's Litter.   

SitStay, and Come back next week for more helpful Pet-TipsSavings, and Support!  Next week - Ideas for keeping that cat litter IN the box and not tracked all over your house!!!


Thank you for being GREAT pet-parents and "Giving your pets the BEST of the Natural Life!"

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Sincerely, your PetCoach,

April Arguin  A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.
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  • so glad the blog article helped and you found a solution! It really
    is amazing all the negative side-effects a poorly made cat litter can have on our and our cat’s health!

    April Arguin on

  • The litter box is in my bedroom and the dust was causing my asthma to kick in. Plus, the kitty was having irritated eyes. Of course, I assumed she was having a herpes crisis and pushed the lysine, but when I switched to Dr. Elsey’s Respiratory Relief litter her eyes cleared up, and my asthma calmed down, too. Now I have it automatically delivered on a regular schedule. It really is a relief!

    Mary Moore on

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