Chemical Flea Treatment Alternative!

If you are not aware yet of the many profound health risks associated with chemical-based flea and tick products all you simply need to do is a quick internet search to find  hosts of sites like this one listing out the official agency warnings and lists of potential side-effects:  If you are not already doing so you NEED to toss the chemicals and look towards and all-natural alternative like ours.  ReNewedPet flea/tick & bug repellent can be used on all breeds of cats and dogs, both our hairless and furry and should be used every-time before going outdoors especially to parks, trails, and heavily wooded areas.  

While it is true that our hairless friends thankfully can not have fleas set up shop and reproduce on them this doesn't mean that they should not be protected form ticks and other biting insects like mosquitoes who can and do carry potentially harmful disease. Also, even our hairless friends can host fleas on their body which they unknowingly bring into your home and then allow for an infestation, so preventing fleas from ever jumping on to hitch a ride is the way to go!  

Have a great weekend my awesome Pet-Fam :)