Is Cod Liver Oil Safe for your Pets?

Is Cod Liver Oil Safe for your Pets?

Is Cod Liver Oil Safe for your Pets?

Is Cod Liver Oil a Good Supplement for My Pet?


Yes! Cod Liver Oil is a great fish oil supplement for our pets. However, I highly recommend that you rotate types of fish oils when giving it to your pets. You want to do this for any fish oil supplements, but this rotation is especially important if your pet’s food does not contain fish oil as well.



Best Oils to Rotate 

There are many great fish oils to choose from. Any small white fish oil contains the necessary fatty acids your pet needs. My top recommended types of fish oils:

  • Cod Liver Oil - although this is labelled for dogs, it is safe for cats (just work out the dosage according to your cat's weight.
  • Sardine Oil
  • Salmon Oil
  • Krill Oil


The New Oil in Town

Fresh on the market is a new type of fish oil supplements: Squid Oil. This oil is very rich in the essential fatty acids your pet needs. It is also much better for the planet and great fish oil to include in your pet’s rotation!  


Keep giving your pet's the best of the natural life!



April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H.


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  • You certainly can use human fish oil capsules for your pets. The difficult part is giving a proper dose. All adult supplements are based on an average weight of 150lbs, therefore you would have to be able to divide everything appropriately. This can work well if you have a large dog, but typically is far too difficult for smaller pets who need a smaller dose.

    April Arguin on

  • Can you also squeeze the oil from human fish oil capsules? If so how much would you use if not the entire capsule ?

    Tina R on

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