Is there a Substitute for Fish Oil?

Is there a Substitute for Fish Oil?

Is there a Substitute for Fish Oil?

Is Fish Oil Critical for your Pet's Health?


Recently, I posted a blog about why fish oil is a necessity for dogs and cats. Fish oils contain essential fatty acids like DHA and EPA that benefit your pet’s brain, joint, skin and heart health. But what about other oils like flax oil?



What about Plant-Sources of Essential Fatty Acids?

It is true that Flax Oil contains the same essential fatty acids EPA and DHA. The same can be said about other but and sees oils, as well as some green leafy vegetables. However, these plant-based oils contain a smaller amount of the fatty acids, so fish oil is recommended over anything else.


Absorption Matters

In addition to having a more concentrated formula, fish oil is also easily digested by your pet. Cats and dogs don’t digest plant material very well. Their bodies don’t have enough enzymes that work on plant material. Fish oil is absorbed much more quickly and easily. A healthy amount of fish oil can be obtained through a properly formulated fresh balanced pet food, or through added supplements.


'Give your pet the best of the natural life!'



April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H.

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