Tips for Teaching Your Pets Tooth Brushing

Tips for Teaching Your Pets Tooth Brushing


If you’re a cat parent, you’re probably well-aware of how challenging the task of brushing your cat’s teeth can be.



The following steps will help you and your kitty get through this necessary grooming task more easily:


Start with a lick-able treat

There are a ton of different brands that make these. Start by putting the treat on your finger and move it around your pet’s mouth like you would a toothbrush.


Use a finger brush with a treat

After they are comfortable with the lick-able treat, upgrade to a finger brush. Brush their teeth with the treat on the finger brush so they get used to the sensation.


Add toothpaste

Once they seem comfortable with the brushing sensation, switch out the treat for an actual pet toothpaste. Check out our pet toothpaste and gum cleanser that comes in both cheese and catnip flavors, which you can purchase here!


Upgrade your toothbrush

Once your kitty is more relaxed when getting their teeth brushed, you may decide to upgrade to a pediatric toothbrush. Eventually, you can even work up to getting your cat used to a spinning brush that will keep their teeth even cleaner.

Make sure to consistently offer treats throughout this process and your cat will be happy and more relaxed. Even better, you’ll stay scratch-free!

Keep those pets healthy and happy everyone!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.